Endless nightlife

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It’s impossible to be bored after dinner in Jesolo. From the very first evening you’ll see that there’s something for everyone and for all ages: starting from the many discoteques, to live music or even karaoke, for the braver souls amongst you. You can also wander the completely pedestrianised shopping streets (via Bafile and via Levantina) or stroll along the wonderful seafront promenade.
When the night comes alive there are plenty of places in Jesolo to attract the attention of those who want to escape their daily cares, relax both mind and body and enjoy  the fun of dancing to the sounds of international DJs. You’ll be spoilt for choice: from the most fashionable clubs, to the always fashionable haunts, which create  most major  trends. You can dance until dawn, surrounded by great music, both on the dance floor and under the stars. Here are a few suggestions: 

- IL MURETTO: a historic name for disco lovers, a club that has always been avant-garde, with internationally famous artists, who will make you dance until dawn. 
Address: via Roma Destra, 120/D, 30016 Jesolo (VE) 

- MARINA CLUB: a real summer discotheque, immersed in greenery with gazebos and sofas, where nothing is left to chance, with great guests to entertain  guests of any age.
Address: via Roma Destra, 120, 30016 Jesolo (VE) 

- VANILLA CLUB: a club with a totally extravagant theme every evening, where a young crowd always enjoys the perfect mix of music and fun.   
Address: via Buonarrotti, 15, 30016 Jesolo (VE) 

- CAPANNINA BEACH: located on a beach right in the centre, it gives the impression (more than any other disco) that music and the sea have blended in a single sound.
Address: Piazza Mazzini, 30016 Jesolo (VE 

- TERRAZZA MARE: where the beach finishes and the Jesolo lighthouse rises from the rocks, this open-air corner allows you to listen to great music and relax completely. 
Address: via Alberto da Giussano, 1, 30016 Jesolo (VE)