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In Jesolo one can find many inspirations and  ideas apt for those who love to stroll through the stalls, rejoice in the creativity of the proposals of objects and learn about the new proposals for well-being or trend clothing.

Stalls are a great opportunity to make some good purchases at cheap prices and to breathe that unmistakable atmosphere of character that marks the best  markets.

Constant happiness for the children at the market!
Even for the little ones it will be fun to come and spend! The magic that makes so special the markets will capture them at once and it will be fun to see them run happy while they give you a hand to choose what to buy. 

Kindness and authentic flavors.
Along the markets there always is a warm and lively atmosphere, fueled by the sympathy and friendliness of the vendors and the smiles of the curious and friendly people walking among the banquets. The valuable advice of the bystanders will bring you great shopping and better knowledge of the territory, its traditions and its people. It will also be a further opportunity to taste the quality of local products and rediscover almost forgotten, genuine and natural flavors.

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