Tropicarium and Aquarium

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Tropicarium is the largest section of the park. Inside it is divided into different thematic areas, where you can admire and know animals belonging to the same species but different for origin, habitat, climate and dimensions. Each installation is designed to accommodate a specific animal and the visitor will easily be able to identify the different features thanks to the interior design. Each area is also provided with leaflets showing the generality of the animals taken into account and each installation has its own distinctive sign for the specific animal present.

Along the way there are also areas of in-depth study on environmental issues such as the importance of respect for nature and waste recycling.

The Tropicarium area, therefore, is a long journey with many animals: you can get to know the lovely aquatic and terrestrial turtles, mysterious geckos, strange sauri, such as iguanas, water dragons, basilisk, poisonous "Gila monsters" , And so many more. There are also small and large snakes, frogs, toads and salamanders.

Crocodiles and sharks are great predators that exist since the time of dinosaurs, they are prehistoric animals! They are among the few survivors of the dinosaurs era, and in fact they have not changed much during the last 65 million years. The Predators area is home to the most dangerous predators in the world, always the most feared but also the most mentioned.

The Aquarium is a great show of the sea, that fits into the largest Tropicarium Park and contributes to making this park unique and special. The Aquarium area is characterized as a route with many different species of tropical fishes; there are some primitive and very rare species such as Limuli or Nautilus belonging to an old group of almost completely extinct molluscs.