The Sea Festivals in Jesolo - Cortellazzo!

The Sea Festivals in Jesolo - Cortellazzo!

The fish is the protagonist of the traditional 2019 Sea Parties organized by the Polisportiva di Cortellazzo at the Sports Center.
In a very festive atmosphere, with musical entertainment and dancing, you can taste local cuisine and typical wines, starting at 6.30pm.

Needless to say, fish is the great guest at the center of this food and wine festival, which sees a menu with the scent of the Adriatic Sea, which stretches right in front of you, with many typical products and local wines. As expected, not only flavors and ancient recipes, but also lots of music and dancing to amuse until late, in the evening.

The maritime festivals of Cortellazzo are a unique opportunity to taste dishes prepared according to traditions of the past, when the fishermen returned home with the catch of the day. After all, Cortellazzo has this vocation in his blood, ever since the Serenissima began work on the construction of the Cavetta canal, which flows into the mouth of the Piave river, and once completed it became an important communication route from the Venetian lagoon towards Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The evenings scheduled:
July: Friday 12 - Saturday 13 - Friday 26 - Saturday 27
August: Friday 09 - Saturday 10 - Friday 16 - Saturday 17

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