The wonders of Canaletto, in Venice

The wonders of Canaletto, in Venice

The Venetian eighteenth century with its lights and shadows winds its way through the halls of Palazzo Ducale, in the story of an extraordinary century and its protagonist: Giovanni Antonio Canal: known as the Canaletto. An artistic season of great complexity and value, of excellence in the field of painting, sculpture, decorative arts.

Since its inception, the eighteenth century has shown itself to be an age of enormous vitality and great changes, in the language of art, in the history of ideas and techniques, in social life.

The story of this century is also that of the European presence of the Serenissima and the travels of its artists. While also the Murano glass art lives its glories, together with the goldsmith and the porcelain manufacturing.

Until Sunday, June 9, 2019

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