A new and pleasant space, an opportunity to taste the dishes of our tradition and to know each other, to make friends. After all, at Germania Hotel joy, socialization, and sharing are always there. At  Germania's restaurant, the pleasure of tasty  food and a jolly good humor are the golden rules.
If you are vegetarian or follow special diets, such as gluten-free, we will prepare you a custom-made delicacy!

Hotel Germania is renowned for its homemade sweets. Exquisite hand-made delicacies, prepared following ancient, traditional recipes. Wake up with the tempting scent of cakes, prepared and baked each morning, by the skilled hands of our Nella and, at the buffet counter, you will find coffee, fruit juices, cold meats and many other products, that will make your breakfast not only rather good, but also healthy, to load you with energy! The Best Way To Start Your Holiday Day!

We are in Italy: eating well and healthy is an integral part of our lives. The delightful pleasure of the good food continues throughout other appointments at the restaurant: we are in Jesolo, on a rich and beautiful sea,  and there will never be a lack of delicious fishes at your table. Thereafter, the rich buffet of salads and vegetables, different types of   exquisite hand-made cakes and dainty bread, as your grandmother was used to do, in the past!
For those who have chosen the accommodation in apartments lets  not forget the convenient  "Take Away" formula: at lunch and dinner time  you can choose your meal at the hotel restaurant  of the Hotel Germania and then enjoy its taste, once at home.
Furthermore, one evening a week, you can taste the aperitif, with the very special Riccardo's porchetta (Riccardo is my big brother!); while on Friday night, there will be an intimate candlelight dinner, with live music.

Our Guests are often families, who bring their children on vacation with them: so we put these children at the center of our constant attentions, even when eating good food! Mothers will find practical high chairs, vegetable broth and fresh vegetables, prepared every day; the only commitment is to bring with you the baby food (or pastry) from home, so that our cook can prepare the same meals as  they eat  at home. 
Also there is  the possibility to anticipate the children's meal time, so they can have the restaurant all for them. For the  grown ones, there is a wide choice of dishes in the daily menu and  the chance to dine in the company of our animator and other children in a dedicated space, during the week, giving a little, grateful relaxation to mom and dad.