Feltre (Belluno)

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An excursion to ... Feltre! At the slopes of the stunning Dolomites and west of the River Piave, rises Feltre, a delightful town rich in history, events and beauties to discover. During its story it alternately experienced moments of success, glory and wealth ...and others of crisis and decadence. It's been ruled by  the Huns,  the Romans, the Goths and the Longobards, the Ottonian bishops and the Carraresi. And still the Venetians, the French of Napoleon, the Austrians and ... the Italians!
Also famous is a meeting between Hitler and Mussolini: the last one, before the fall of fascism, a few days later.
I would definitely recommend visiting it: from Hotel Germania in Jesolo, it's only 100 km of convenient road. You will also cross the rich and sweet territories of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano: a good reason to fill your car of bottles of the famous wines of this area...