A trip to Montagnana! Early departure from the Hotel, because the road is not short.
And then, in the direction of Mestre, Padua, Vicenza. Until you arrive at the delightful village!
Montagnana's defensive complex, a perfect example of a medieval stronghold, dates from the '300s, at the time of the domination of the Carrara family. The historical Padua dynasty, in fact, selects Montagnana to the point of extreme defense against the incursions of the Veronese Scaligeri and builds powerful walls: the irregular wall polygon is nearly 2 km long, the height ranges from 6.5 to 8 meters, the thickness is 1 meter, but internally reinforced by robust archivolti that support the wide runner's walk.
Twenty-four towers, shaped in irregular hexes, swirl over 8 meters from the merlature line reaching 19 meters of the corner towers. The wall is in limestone blocks and trachits at the base, brick-filled and the upper part with burial guelph grooves. All the outside had to be plastered, in fact, there are large traces of white plaster. To visit the Duomo and Piazza Maggiore, crowned by a number of important civil buildings, much of the 18th-century Venetian design.
For gourmets and apprentices cooks, there are numerous recipes, typical of Montagnana and Padovano.