The islands of the Venice Lagoon

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Burano, the pearl of the Venetian lagoon, is known all over the world for the vivid colors of its homes and the  old sailor's stories, that wrap this island with legend. Tradition wants these houses to look so unique, because during the winter season Burano is often wrapped in mist and, for this reason, when fishermen return to their homes, they can recognize them more quickly, according to the colors.
The island of Torcello, Venice of the origins. The first inhabited island of the lagoon, favored by crowned heads, movie stars, heads of state and writers.
Murano, which is not just an island, but a set of islands, connected by bridges. The island is known throughout the world for its glass production, which has had alternate events over the centuries and has touched tops of excellence, especially since the '60s onwards, with the success of Italian design and with names like Carlo Scarpa, Fulvio Bianconi, Vetreria Venini, etc.
Furnaces for blending glass silicon sand have been moved from Venice to Murano since the end of 1200, in an attempt to reduce the risk of fire. On the island has grown the ability of the glassmasters, who have devised compositions, forms and techniques that have made their fortune. Still here we find the Grand Canal that divides the island into two parts. Very interesting is the visit to the Museum of Glass Art and the Basilica of Santa Maria and Donato, VII century, with a beautiful apse, with white columns and a floor in mosaic of 1140.