Trieste, visitors admire the clean, fragrant sea air, its elegant bars and coffee shops, the wide, bright streets. In the center of Venice Giulia, it is an important link between Western Europe and the center-south, combining Mediterranean and European features  in its own personality. Its harbor is the largest and most important in Italy and one of the most important maritime hubs in Europe. It was the main maritime port of the Habsburg Empire, which in 1719 granted the status of free port.
Trieste offers many places to discover and wonderful itineraries which allow to know the different aspects of the city, interesting for both the tourist and the Triestini.
In the evening there are always many outdoor shows (often free) but be careful: at 23:00 there is the obligation of silence! So do not take too much time to make yourself beautiful and enjoy the whole visit in relaxation and amusement. At last Autumn: climate is good and the Carso shows its maximum splendor ... the red of the sumacs shrubs, the gray of the carsic stone and the blue of the sea ... what more can you wish? On the second Sunday of October there is Barcolana, the world famous sailing regatta.
Things you must see: Unity Square and Boundary Pier, San Giusto Cathedral, Miramare Castle, romantic historic cafés, the Lighthouse of Victory, Opicina Tram. With the  eyes gleaming for  the surrounding beauty.

It can be reached from Jesolo (approx. 110 km) by car, by taking the motorway towards Trieste, or by train from San Donà di Piave, whose station is 20 mins by car from Hotel Germania.