It is the second most visited city in Veneto, after Venice, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its urban structure and architecture. Verona is traditionally the tragic scenario of Romeo and Juliet's love story. Shakespeare's drama finds its worthy conclusion under the Juliet's famous balcony. But there are a number of other beauties, in this city called the "Porta d'Italia" (the main door to Italy).
A concentration of artistic, historical and cultural creations that you discover in the charming ambience of stunning alleys and squares. And the flavors of traditional Venetian cuisine. We suggest a journey through famous places of Verona, typical flavors and pleasant entertainment to make you enjoy this city.
The Arena of Verona. The Roman Amphitheater, known as the "Arena", is the symbol that has made Verona  known around the world. The House of  Juliet. Verona is the place where the tragic love affair of Romeo and Juliet has been set, created by William Shakespeare's pen. In a 13th century building, located in the historic center, you can see the famous balcony. 
Piazza delle Erbe. A colorful market of fruits and vegetables, with many sun  umbrellas sprinkled all  around it, and surrounded by historic buildings and monuments. This is the main feature of Piazza delle Erbe: the oldest square in Verona, with medieval buildings, that took the place of the previous Roman's.The Bridges. The River Adige crosses Verona: the bridges, therefore, play an essential role for the city. There are 7 of them, destroyed by the Nazis and then rebuilt, along the  years. 
Piazza dei Signori and Arche Scaligere. The administrative power of Verona has always been reunited in this beautiful square, surrounded by monumental buildings, linked by arcades.
Piazza Brà is one of the largest squares in Europe, dominated by the Arena silhouette and embellished by some historic buildings. The square takes its name from the German term breit, which means wide.
.. and then a must see is Piazza dei Signori and the Scaligero Arches, Castelvecchio and the Church of San Zeno Maggiore.
 Once in Verona, you can quickly reach Lake Garda (with the possibility of excursion on a motorboat) and its beautiful neighboring towns, Sirmione (Castello Scaligero and Grotte di Catullo), Lazise, ​​Salò, Bardolino.
It is reachable from Jesolo (about 150 km) by car, taking the ring road of Mestre and continuing to Milan, or by train from San Donà di Piave  station, twenty minutes by car from the Hotel Germania.