A new, pleasant space offering an opportunity to try our traditional dishes and to get to know one another. The golden rules at the Hotel Germania restaurant are the pleasures of great food and good humour.  
Are you vegetarian or following a special diet, for example, one that’s gluten-free? We can prepare special dishes for you!

To get the day off to a great start, breakfast has to be wonderful! You will awake to the scent of cakes prepared fresh and baked every morning by Nella and, on the buffet, you will find coffee, fruit juice, cold cuts and lots of other products for a healthy, tasty breakfast so you can start the day full of energy!

The pleasures of great food continue at the restaurant: as we are in Jesolo seafood plays a major part. There is also a buffet of salads and vegetables, various types of bread and delicious desserts!
Those staying in our apartments can also enjoy the practical take away formula, where you can get your lunch and dinner from the Hotel Germania restaurant and eat it in the comfort of your accommodation.
Once a week we offer an aperitif with delicious roast pork cooked by Riccardo (the family’s oldest brother) and on Friday evening there is a candlelit dinner with live music and lots of other surprises.

Our guests are mainly families and we pay a great deal of attention to kids, including at mealtimes! In the kitchen Marisa, our cook, prepares delicious meals for very young children with vegetable broth and purees. All mum and dad have to do is bring baby food and pasta and to speak to her directly to explain their child’s preferences, so that she can make food just like at home.
Parmesan and olive oil are available and children can be served early, so they can have the restaurant all to themselves.  Older children have a wide choice of dishes on the daily menu and during the week they can dine with entertainment staff and other kids, in a special space, so that mum and dad can relax.